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Historic Downtown Campbell is a unique dining and shopping environment for local residents and daily visitors; as it is yet another casual, familial, hospitable neighborhood in the valley, similar to nearby downtown Willow Glen and Los Gatos.  This district of Campbell maintains its old-world grace, while being counterpointed with contemporary lifestyles.  It has walkable streets; an adjacent light rail train; plus, lots of retail variety and more.  On Sundays, there’s an avenue-wide (and long) Farmers’ Market, free of auto traffic.

Campbell Farmer's Market

Campbell Farmer’s Market

All these factors make historic downtown Campbell as much as a traditional, as it is a very contemporary “urban village.”   Either on weekends or during lunchtime, expect to see people cross over from various sections of the valley to enjoy lunch here.  This scene attracts everyone; as that’s either by car, train or even by bicycle and public trails.  It’s as much an elegant place, as it is relaxed.  It makes everyone welcome.


Historic downtown Campbell’s scene is also close by to many civic buildings; as well as that it’s not too far from other major thoroughfares like Bascom Avenue (and its Pruneyard shopping center) and Winchester Boulevard (named for the patroness of the so-called Mystery House in San Jose).

The main retail strip of the downtown historic district is Campbell Avenue; which is from west of Railway Avenue to Winchester Boulevard… That’s only about a half mile distance and a nine to ten minutes walk (click here to see a map).

  • Streets crossing Campbell Avenue along the half-mile strip are as follows: Railway Avenue; Central Avenue; 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Streets; then, finally, Winchester Boulevard.  This guide will take you westbound from Railway Avenue to Winchester.
  • North of Campbell Avenue by one block is Civic Center Drive.
  • South of Campbell Avenue by one block is Orchard City Drive.
  • Note that both Civic Center and Orchard City Drives connect to create a circular loop around the half-mile strip of downtown Campbell, making it incredibly easy to navigate and  browse.

Follow along with this guide (section by section), as de·Anza Post leads a tour across Campbell Avenue and its nearby streets…


— West of Railway Avenue to Central Avenue —


(West) Campbell Avenue, beyond Railway Avenue and at the VTA light rail tracks as it crosses into the historic downtown and main retail strip of Campbell.

  • Campbell Farmers’ Market happens at Campbell Avenue at Central Avenue every Sunday from 9:00am to 1:00pm, year round.  It is operated by Urban Village Farmers Market Association and it’s sponsored by The City of Campbell.  Urban Village Farmers’ Market Association, a Non-profit Mutual Benefit Corporation, was formed March 1997 to provide the best possible opportunity for farmers, food vendors, and community members to preserve, enhance, and enjoy regional fresh quality foods. UVFM’s mission is to promote the family farm; protect the local environment by sustaining and restoring surrounding greenbelt areas; and above all, to help build real community by fostering economic and social ties between producers and consumers.  See de·Anza Post’s review of the Campbell (and Willow Glen Farmers Market), from the last year 2014. (Facebook)



(West) Campbell Avenue approaches Railway Avenue as it crosses into the historic downtown and main retail strip of Campbell.

  • Kwench  is under construction as of April 2015.  Their objective is to provide a fresh, healthy drink, free of additives. Treat your body well and your body will treat you well.  The inspiration comes from the realization that juices made from freshly cut fruits are hard to come by.  Most juices have preservatives or vitamins added which may interfere with how one’s body interprets them or are made from pre-cut fruits that have been packaged in plastic containers and/or are sitting in a solution. So the founder decided to create a more healthy beverage that’s dense with nutrients, anti-oxidants, fruits and vegetables. (Facebook)


  • Blue Line Pizza first opened in 2004 as Little Star Pizza, the business has been popular in San Francisco by locals and visitors.  Today, it’s still renowned for cornmeal crust deep dish pizzas. Their pizza had been exclusive to the city when they decided to expand throughout the Bay Area under a new name that gives a subtle nod to Chicago, the birthplace of deep dish pizza. Named after The Blue Line, a train that runs between O’Hare Airport and downtown Chicago, Blue Line Pizza features the same award-winning Chicago cornmeal crust deep dish and New York style thin crust pizzas, organic salads, house-made appetizers, and a quality selection of beers, wines, and spirits. Blue Line Pizza also offers a variety of ordering and convenient services including online ordering, in-store pre-ordering (where your pizzas come out of the oven when your table is ready for seating) and easy pick-up of half or full baked pizzas. (Facebook)

— West of Railway Avenue at Towne Square building —

  • Brown Chicken, Brown Cow features wholesome, fresh and fun fare from burgers and sandwiches to salads and small plates; not to mention a choice selection of beer, wine, and whiskeys to boot!  They are hidden from the curbside of Campbell Avenue at the backside of the Towne Square building. The owner worked in the restaurant industry for the past 20 years and has come to appreciate what quality food is all about. Everything served at Brown Chicken Brown Cow is of the highest quality, from the grass fed beef and free range chicken to the cheeses and salads. Every menu item has been carefully crafted to satisfy even the toughest of food critics. (Facebook)

— West of Railway Avenue to Central Avenue (continued)

  • Rendezvous Wine Bar brings charm, style, gourmet food and global wine! Live music, pro staff, and lavish decor create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy quality times with friends.  Rendevous started with an Old World design and added accents of modern cosmopolitan and worked in a rotating eclectic mix of original and digital art to echo the ambiance of a classic European wine bar —creating your escape from the mundane. (Facebook)
  • Naschmarkt Restaurant ((NASH-MARKed) is named after the largest open air produce market in Vienna, Austria.  Austria’s history and geography influence much of its cuisine. Austria was once the center of the large Austro-Hungarian Empire stretching from France to Russia and from the Baltic Sea to Turkey, imparting a varied heritage to Austria’s cuisine. Located in the center of Europe, Austria’s modern day cuisine is influenced from surrounding countries like Germany, Hungary, Italy and even France. Narshmarkt opened at downtown historic Campbell as of June of 2011 as a restaurant that’s family owned and operated.  (Facebook)


  • La Pizzeria offers distinctive and authentic Italian pizza: regular and whole wheat, with a variety of toppings that are baked in an oak and maple wood burning stove. Pizza arrives unsliced. They use only the finest and freshest ingredients, have an extensive wine list that includes selections from Italy as well as the best domestic vintages.  Pino Spanu, the owner of Campbell’s A’Bellagio, opened La Pizzeria with his wife and his brother, who learned the pizza craft from a master in Naples, in 2005.   The family also owns and operates Pino’s Trattoria on the same avenue. (Facebook)

Right to left: Liquid Bread, La Pizzeria and Katie Blooms


— East of Central Avenue —

Katie Blooms Irish Pub & Restaurant

Katie Blooms Irish Pub & Restaurant



  • The Socialight is under construction as of April 2015.  It shall be an arts and entertainment restaurant with a wine bar.   Located at 368 E Campbell Avenue; telephone (408) 364-1564. (Facebook)

— Approached from the backside of Campbell Avenue and west of Central Avenue;
at South Central Avenue —

  • A Bellagio is located just off the backside of Campbell Avenue at 33 S Central Avenue.  A Bellagio prides itself as an authentic Italian restaurant with an extensive wine list and lunch and dinner selections, using the finest and freshest ingredients: Angus beef, meats that are free of chemicals and hormones and organic produce.  Wine selections include those from Italy and domestic vintages. Daily specials feature the freshest seasonal ingredients available, while giving attention to detail and the highest quality service.  Accommodations are made for large and small groups; as well as private and semi-private seating inside and outside.  Eight preset menus that satisfy a customer’s craving.  Special banquet and catering services meet customer needs.  This restaurant is owned and operated by the same family as that of La Pizzeria and Pino’s Trattoria at the same avenue(Facebook)
  • The Spot Good is located just off the backside of Campbell Avenue at 201 Orchard City Drive, where it remains as the oldest entertainment venue in downtown historic Campbell. The Spot carries on the tradition of great dining, entertainment, and special events. The edgy industrial decor and hip atmosphere has a tasty menu to match. With five distinct areas — dining, main bar, upstairs bar, entertainment area, and the huge outdoor patio — The Spot has a little something to accommodate everyone. Whether it is an exciting dining experience with friends, to catch the latest sporting event on over 65 feet of HDTV’s, or a private event, it’s a neighborhood destination. (Facebook)

Campbell & Central Avenues. Left to right: The Socialight; Pino’s Trattoria; Orchard Valley Coffee. Walk south down Central Avenue to find A Bellagio and The Spot.

— West of Central Avenue to 1st Street —


Orchard Valley Coffee

  • Orchard Valley Coffee is a popular neighborhood café that roasts their own coffee, bakes homemade pastries and prepares breakfasts and lunches on site. An antique and fully functional coffee roaster continues to amaze spectators and drinkers alike, with its humble capabilities. Orchard Valley is proudly situated in the heart of historic, downtown Campbell as a common meeting place amongst its neighbors.  Editor’s note: this establishment is not proactive about providing a proper and non-disposable vessel for cold drinks (e.g., glassware and/or ceramic cup); as well as that there is a check dollar minimum for ATM card purchases. (Facebook)


  • Pino’s Trattoria offers an extensive wine list and breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections. You’ll find attention to detail and quality in many of their signature dishes.  This trattoria is owned and operated by the same family as that of La Pizzeria and A Bellagio restaurants on the same avenue. (Facebook)
  • Steepers is a premiere specialty store providing loose leaf teas, rooibos, fruit and herbal infusions and herbs & spices along with brewing accessories such as teapots, mugs, infusers, strainers, filters and ice tea makers. Over 200 types of teas are offered.  Select a bag of fresh loose leaf tea or how a cup of hot or iced tea.  Consider blending your own teas from the fruit, flowers and flavoring that are in store. Goods are also available online using a shopping cart web page. Click on ‘Contact Us’ at that website for suggestions or desired products. (Facebook)


— East of 1st Street —

IMG_1972.JPG Opa, Mo's, WH

Campbell Avenue, east of 1st Street from right to left: Opa!, Mo’s and Willard Hicks.

  • Willard Hicks New American Grill is an upscale restaurant with a warm, comfortable and inviting atmosphere; but at an affordable price.  They strive to create a relationship with each patron; as well as they appreciate the neighborhood community.  From a wood burning grill, 100% Angus beef is served; also, including dishes that are prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients.  Cocktails are created with premium craft spirits; whereas the bar also serves a selection of beer and wine. (Facebook)
  • Mo’s Breakfast + Burger Joint is about big breakfasts and bigger burgers! A full menu is available all day long!  Food is new style American with service of breakfast, brunch, burgers, dinners, and hot dogs.  Walk-in customers are welcome; good for groups; good for kids, take-out orders; catering, waiter service, and outdoor seating. (Facebook)
  • Opa! Authentic Greek Cuisine serves fresh, homemade foods that are both affordable and enjoyable. Come here for daily, homemade traditions and spirit of the Greek family tradition.  The atmosphere is homelike, warm,  cozy and friendly.  Value and customer satisfaction are the pillars of this establishment.  Opa! was founded in the nearby neighborhood of Willow Glen (San Jose); but, has since expanded with a popular location at downtown historic Campbell.  The name of this restaurant is taken from a popular Greek exclamation, such as with dancing, the breaking of dishes and a celebration of life.

Campbell Avenue, looking eastbound from 1st Street: left to right: Willow Glen Creamery, Starbucks, Opa!, Mo’s and Willard Hicks.

— West of 1st to 2nd Street —


Westbound at Campbell Avenue & 1st Street, looking towards the corner where Starbucks is situated (center).

  • Starbucks has several locations in Campbell and nearby Willow Glen, including here at downtown historic Campbell. The American coffeehouse chain (and  global company) is based in Seattle, Washington. (Facebook).
  • Willow Glen Creamery is a family-owned business, originally founded in the nearby San Jose neighborhood of that name.  It was originally known as Willow Glen Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Company at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Willow Street (as of the year 2002) at its original neighborhood.  They started serving real frozen custard  as of the year 2006 and called it “St Louis Silk,” due to its smooth texture.  Locals bring their dogs for a free doggie yogurt.  Many nights, you may see long lines, especially during summer.  As of 2010, they opened a second location in downtown Campbell; whereas, the original Willow Glen location (Lincoln Avenue) became incorporated into the newer Willow Glen Town Square building as of the year 2012. (Facebook)


  • Sushi [Confidential] is a venture of foodie proportions, drawing on American style sushi and Asian fusion influences. They offer a unique dining experience through innovation, education, and artistry.  The chef brings modern Japanese cuisine to the community, drawing upon his training at multiple sushi bars in northern California, as well as his life experience working in the sports fishing industry off the coast of San Diego. Over the past 10 years, a loyal following has been created with innovative signature sushi rolls and the patron’s engaging personality. The result is an educational dining experience based on a fun, social interaction. With years of successful catering under his belt, the chef is set to be the next innovator of new style Japanese cuisine.  Sushi [Confidential] interior design evokes the beauty of the Japanese elements with contemporary ease. The interior also features works from local artists to further create the restaurant’s sleek feel. (Facebook).


  •  El Guapo’s Tacos, Burritos & Spirits encourages you to un-tuck your shirt, sip on a “Zippers” margarita, have a fish taco, unwind and take a trip to Baja. From their tropical sensations, ice cold Mexican beers and to Baja fish tacos, this is your destination to kick up your feet and change your latitude! (Facebook)
  • The Cardiff Lounge has remained a popular drinking lounge within the town; known for offering a premiere venue, featuring world renowned DJs playing a mixture of deep soulful house music, old-school soul, dubstep, and the occasional live band. Cardiff continues to provide a sexy, relaxed excellence.  Always no cover; but, only for ages 21 and over. (Facebook)


  • Tessora’s Barra di Vino offers a dynamic wine menu with over 20 international, as well as domestic varietals; all served by the glass, taste, flight, and bottle.  They offer a selection of artisan craft and draft beer as well.  The establishment is operated by a husband and wife team; whereas, the patroness is a graduate of the Culinary Institute in Campbell and became a Certified Sommelier in March 2011.   A full kitchen has been added after a year in business, preparing a unique bistro Menu that changes seasonally.  A calendar is packed with wine events to pick and choose, as that’s to keep the experience fresh, educational and fun.  Tessora’s also has a weekly happy hour, weekend live music, monthly jazz jam… plus, a brand new wine club that offers 2 exciting clubs, 6 times a year.  They do bi-monthly winemaker dinners, tasting events and more.  Half off bottle sales are averrable on Tuesdays, per the patron’s discretion. Private events of any kind are offered for up to 70 people. Call or email for any inquiries. (Facebook)
  • The Olive Bar  is your source for the freshest and highest quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), balsamic vinegar, virgin coconut oil, and more! Elite oils are sourced from around the world and domestically from award winning producers, bringing only the freshest seasonal flavors bottled daily from the tap.   The Olive Bar will show you how fine olive oil is supposed to taste, selling mostly gold and silver medal award winners that are handled with care.  Choices available at the shop will last much longer than anything bought from everyday retailers.(Facebook)



Campbell Avenue & 2nd Street, looking south and westbound. Left to right: Rocket Fizz, Sonoma Chicken Coop, Aqui Cal-Mex.

— East of 2nd Street —

  • Rocket Fizz Soda & Candy Shop is one stop shops for all soda pop and candy cravings. There are thousands of bottled soda pops and candies from all over America.  Rocket Fizz is a lot of fun and nostalgic for people both young and old.  There’re hundreds of retro and gag gifts; concert posters and movie posters; plus, tin signs, too. Inventory is always expanding.  The Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops, LLC was founded in 2007, with the original “flagship” store located in Camarillo, California opened in 2009.  The Camarillo and Sherman Oaks, California locations are company-owned.  In under five years, the Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops has become the largest and fastest growing soda pop and candy shop franchise brand in America. Campbell’s store is franchised and independently owned and operated. (Facebook)

— West of 2nd Street —

  • Aqui Cal-Mex Restaurant & Saddle Bar was founded back in the year 1994, when it introduced the nearby neighborhood of Willow Glen (in San Jose) to its “Cal-Mex” menu, a chef inspired California cuisine blended with fast food know-how.  Aqui creates fine dining food using the flavors of the Southwest, Asia, California and Latin America.  Decor is casual and artful.  Order-at-the-counter food service makes it affordable… no fuss of waiters or tipping and no long wait.  Visitors enjoy a full bar, including the homemade “Industrial Strength Margarita.”™  The restaurant uses organic greens, natural pork, chicken breast and fresh produce. High quality and seasonal ingredients are featured in daily and nightly specials.  (Facebook)
  • Sonoma Chicken Coop [Currently closed for renovation] is a fast, casual restaurant committed to delivering an exceptional dining experience each time you visit.  Founded in 2002, name of the restaurant originates from the world famous California wine region and also for signature rotisserie chicken menu items. Sonoma Chicken offers a variety of specialty foods such as pizza, pasta, entrée salads, sandwiches on house-made bread, steaks, ribs, fish and signature rotisserie chicken; as well as chef quality appetizers and desserts. All items are made fresh, from scratch.  Enjoy fine cuisine in a charming wine country interior, or dine ‘al fresco’ on a beautiful patio. The concept has 4 restaurants in the San Jose, CA area and over 6 more in development nationwide(Facebook)

West of 2nd Street to 3rd Street

  • Frost Cupcake Factory was founded with a creative passion for baking. The patroness has taken homemade care and business know-how as the driving force behind her enterprise; opening shop with a chance to do what she really loved.  Andrea then spent time perfecting her original recipes and flavors amongst friends; then, and one year and several pounds of sugar later, Frost Cupcake Factory was born!  A local girl, Andrea grew up in Los Gatos and has lived in Campbell for the last 15 years. (Facebook)


  • La PanotiQ Bakery & Cafe is a family owned bakery and cafe with 4 locations around the San Francisco Bay area.  Superlative French culinary tradition meets modern chic European style. Whether you tempt yourself with a traditional croissant made with pure AOC butter or a tarte tatin, you’re sure to get lost in an enjoyable moment.  The name, La PanotiQ, is a fun play on a French portmanteau, translated as a library of panoramas.  The cafe serves fair-trade coffee. Visit to catch up with friends, or with  family on the latest occasions in life.  Enjoy a flavorful, satisfying meal or snack free of GMO’s, pesticides, hormones, and nitrates.  A gracious staff will welcome you as a guest and take the worry out of your day; attentively serving you food and beverage of only the highest quality with sincerity and gratitude. (Facebook)


  • Spread Deli & Bottles is a specialty deli & beer/wine shop boasting great sandwiches, over 200 bottled beers, 20 draft beers, and select wine.  Eat and drink here or take home beer, wine, and food to enjoy whenever!  This joint proprietorship is created by a chef with restaurant/bar industry experience, from barista to server, to banquet coordinator to the owner.  Now, that chef has paired with another fellow in the general manager role and created a unique social and neighborhood establishment.  The managing partner is the co-founder of Beerwalk and marketing consultant for Liquid Bread (down avenue).  (Facebook)
  • Snake & Butterfly has a dedication to fine craftsmanship; that while refining a premier selection of organic, fair trade cocoa beans in small batches. Since 2007, they have hand-roasted and hand-poured a wide variety of award-winning bars and confections. They believe that a business should be based on passion, integrity, a strong sense of purpose, and responsible, ecologically-sound business practices.  The proprietors support the farmers who grow their raw ingredients in a sustainable, environmentally sound manner; therein, paying a fair price for those ingredients. Packaging has a low environmental impact.  Snake & Butterfly is committed to providing the highest quality chocolate and impeccable customer service to customers. (Facebook)


— West of 3rd Street —


Campbell Avenue at 3rd Street

  • Stack’s Restaurant is about a steaming pot of coffee, hot pancakes and fresh eggs all quickly delivered to your table with a genuine smile. This Stacks experience is the way it’s been since 1992 when originally founded as Stacks All-American Breakfast and Lunch.  Today they’re still serving tasty meals while extending warm hospitality to hungry people at two Bay Area locations: Campbell and Redwood City. There’s something for everyone: traditional comfort foods to creative and new culinary innovations.  Generous portions of tender homemade crepes, waffles, and pancakes; flavorful egg dishes (from scrambles to frittatas); and satisfying sandwiches, burgers, soups, and salads… They’re all made with high-quality, fresh seasonal ingredients at a really good price. Staff employees work to be fast and dependable, but also remarkably friendly and fun. Guests are well cared for and kept satisfied by a well-trained team. (Facebook)
IMG_1998.jpg Stacks

Stack’s Restaurant

— East of 4th Street —


Campbell Avenue, looking westbound to 4th Street and Winchester Boulevard (at the right). Tigelleria Ristorante is pictured at center.   To the left is 3rd Street.

  • Tigelleria Ristorante (pronounced tee-gel-leh-ria) is about great, fresh Italian food. Created by a Venetian patroness, dishes are made from traditional family recipes with a unique modern spin. Her dishes are carefully crafted to highlight the fresh quality and natural taste of locally sourced organic foods. And, with recipes gaining their start generations ago, each dish is constructed with love and care.  The restaurant’s name is taken from a super tasty circular bread with a crisp crust and soft center.   This bread, from Modena, Italy, is eaten throughout Tuscany and Veneto. It’s made in a special cast iron pan called a tigelliera.  The patroness travels to Bologna to meet up with friends from the University and visit the Madonna Di San Luca.  On those trips, she once received a gift tigelliera pan; therein, eventually having an idea for a place where people in the Bay Area could gather with friends over great food, wine, and (of course) tigella. (Twitter)



(WEST) CAMPBELL AVENUE & WINCHESTER BOULEVARD: from left is 4th Street & Tigelleria Ristorante; center at the crosswalk is Psycho Donuts; Subway; and Blue Sky; whereas, to far right is Winchester Boulevard.

  • Psycho Donuts self-describes themselves as “the world’s first and only asylum for wayward donuts.” Saying that they have “donutized everything from pizzas, tacos, and even sushi! You’ll find crazy-fresh, original donuts topped with everything from Oreo cookies and Captain Crunch®, to Rice Krispie Treats and Nutella.”   Crazy gourmet donuts take funny names like The Dead Elvis, The Strawberry Margarita, Psycho Ballz… and so on. (Facebook)
  • Subway sandwiches was founded in 1965 and is the world’s largest restaurant chain, with over 41,000 locations in more than 100 countries, offering a wide array of better-for-you sandwiches and salads. (Facebook)
  • Blue Sky Chinese Restaurant is just around the corner from Campbell Avenue, located at 2028 Winchester Blvd; Phone: (408) 378-0424.

— One block south of Campbell Avenue, also taking Central Avenue —


Orchard City Drive (right) meets Railway Avenue. Water Tower Plaza appears just right of the rail tracks, one block south of Campbell Avenue, as seen in the background of this photo. The VTA light rail station is to the left of the tracks.

— Water Tower Plaza —


Water Tower Plaza: Komatsu at left and Khartoum at right.


  • Khartoum (night club and sports bar) is a cool oasis in downtown Campbell, conjuring up the elegance of a timeless lounge with stained glass panels that transport you across the world to the beauty of an exotic capital.  Settle in for cocktails with friends on the tufted sofas, or hoist a beer and follow any game on MLB/NFL ticket day or night. There are various theme nights including trivia, disc Jockey, and karaoke; as well as a snappy game room offering friendly competition over darts, football, and shuffleboard.  The game room — the “toum room” – is available to host a corporate event, special birthday, class reunion or any other excuse for a celebration. With a separate bar and staff, games, TVs, and music, the game room is a fun spot to drop in when you want to escape. (Facebook)
  • Komatsu Japanese Cuisine has been serving great traditional and contemporary Japanese food since 1977. An extensive menu includes traditional favorites, like sushi rolls, temaki hand rolls, udon, teriyaki, sashimi, tempura and much more. Traditional “tatami rooms” are available for up to 30 people.  Party or events at are catered here. Each Japanese tatami room seats four people and a party of up to thirty people can be accommodated by joining the rooms together. Space is limited so be sure to make reservations ahead of time. (Facebook)

— Lloyd Square —


  • Jalisco Mexican Food is a restaurant appearing just before the more central historic downtown Campbell Avenue main strip, located within the Lloyd Square strip mall.  Visit here for sizable plates, including enchiladas & tacos, being amused by the quirky artwork.  Located at 525 E Campbell Avenue; telephone (408) 374-2265.
  • Sal’s Pizza is for those who love pizza and love feeding their family real food. The dough and sauce are hand-made in store using authentic Italian recipes.  For 5 bucks, you can come in and get a giant cheese slice and taste it for yourself.  Sal’s is a franchise started at the east coast U.S.A., first opened as of the year 1990 at Salem, New Hampshire.   The founding family emigrated from Naples, Italy and began selling Neapolitan-style pizza on Revere Beach on the North Shore of Boston in 1940. Today it is wholesome and fresh products at its corporate and franchised locations that have made Sal’s Pizza a unique and successful quick-serve restaurant. The concept of Sal’s Pizza originated in Boston’s North End, the world renowned enclave of authentic Italian eateries. (Facebook)

—Address at 467-479 (East) Campbell Avenue, east of Railway Avenue — 

  • Cambell Liquor & Deli is located at 479 E Campbell Avenue; telephone (408) 871-0572.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  revised as of 6 April 2015.  First publication of this article occurred as of Saturday 4 April 2015; however, it shall be subject to continuous revisions and updates, as with business and neighborhood changes.


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