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Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 2.07.10 PMYears after the Deepwater Horizon oil explosion of year 2010, BP is still getting away with “murder,” and that just makes things worse. There’s more than just tragic irony, such as in the fact that the more that BP tries to diminish evidence; still, it just will not wash away. This realization brings to mind one of the many famous lines in William Shakespeare’s play, “Macbeth”…

“Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather the multitudinous seas incarnadine, making the green one red” — Macbeth quote (Act II, Sc. II).

Unfortunately, it does not seem as though we’ve seen the end of these transgressions, either.

Recently, its been reported that scientists have found some 1,235-square-mile of oil on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, which they call a “bathtub ring.”   But, that’s not the full extent of it.  A different team of scientists point to what’s believed to be up to 10 million gallons of oil beneath the sediment of the gulf’s floor.  In other words, addition to the bathtub ring, there’s also what’s being called a “bath mat.”

Read more:  http://uk.businessinsider.com/bps-deepwater-horizon-spill-has-left-tons-of-oil-on-the-gulfs-floor-2015-2#ixzz3QxQHJsI1

This Gulf of Mexico disaster — a modern-day world tragedy of epic proportions — not only highlights environmental issues; but, the chokehold that big business, lobbies and greed have on our national politics, aside from our very way of life. It’s as much about ecological devastation as it is about a complete failure of governance and wrongdoing.

Certainly, it was only recently as September 2014 that the U.S. courts determined:

“… that BP was, in legal parlance, grossly negligent in the disaster, and not merely negligent, United States District Court Judge Carl J. Barbier opened the possibility of $18 billion in new civil penalties for BP, nearly quadruple the maximum Clean Water Act penalty for simple negligence and far more than the $3.5 billion the company has set aside.”

See NY Times —> http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/05/business/bp-negligent-in-2010-oil-spill-us-judge-rules.html?_r=1

At that late decision, more compensation is to be set aside by BP; but…

Nevertheless, it’s still questionable if this court decision will continue to have any bearing, such as if BP should fail to this and other obligations that it has made throughout the world.

It’s not a complete victory, such as when the court has decided against BP; that is, against the company’s own claim that its conspiring contractors in the operation — Halliburton and Transocean — “should shoulder as much, if not more, of the blame” (NY Times).

Having decided that…

“The [court] decision also casts a cloud over BP’s future. Its reputation has already been sullied and important holdings in Russia are at risk because of tensions in Ukraine. In addition to the $28 billion in claim payments and cleanup costs it has paid, BP has been forced to divest itself of more than 10 percent of its oil and gas reserves, along with valuable pipelines and refining facilities to pay claims and increase its profitability. BP shares fell by nearly 6 percent Thursday, closing at $44.89.” (NY Times).

Ultimately, if most or all of the accountability and compensation rests with BP, but this company should happen to no longer withstand its position; then, it seems, the situation would become a further transgression against the American people, in addition to our earthly habitat. Therein, occurs an epic tragedy, born of hubris and subjugated on the American humanity. From there, it is also subjugated on the world. It’s a betrayal from the highest level of command, as well as throughout its ranks.

So, it’s still a wonder as to why BP has not been further penalized beyond its current status. That should happen, before it’s too late. Other entities, including nations of the world, are already pressing their concerns on the company. If still feasible, it should be carried more appropriately in the U.S. court of law, if not by the protest of the people.  The U.S. Court, if not other government bodies, should move fast and appropriate to insure our interest.

Then again, simply doing a hashtag — #BP — shows the greater turmoil around this company, of which many speculators already seem to predict incredibly difficult situations, if not doom. Is it already too late for BP? Is it making better performance than other petroleum companies? Is our own government being honest or forthright about the situation? How long can we rely on BP’s compensation? If this fails, then what’s next?

Do we wait and wonder if BP will survive, so as to satisfactorily meet its obligations, maintain accountability and uphold its public compensation? Do we measure that ability, and its timeline, against what’s at stake in the environment? As well as to the looming financial cost to the American people?

After all, this disaster just keeps on hemorrhaging. It’s a terrible realization to see all the worst of predictions coming true, still years after its inception.   A few of us realized all these implications when first witnessing the event, but it’s ever more tragic to resign in helplessness, anticipating solutions and wasting time; that’s as if there’s no means towards urgency.  Not putting a “cap” on the situation, either literally or figuratively, just extends the dilemma indefinitely.

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