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DOWNTOWN WILLOW GLEN IS JUST ABOUT READY TO SET THE TABLE FOR IT’S FIRST “CURBSIDE DINING” improvement, which will be an added feature for two foodservice establishments that are housed within the Garden Theater Building on Lincoln Avenue.  The curbside dining area will be accommodated in what is called a “parklet.”

Parklets are small areas that typically reclaim street side parking spaces for vehicles; thereby, extending a sidewalk for pedestrians out beyond a curb, so as to provide public features, green space and more livable urban landscapes.  (In similar scenarios, a parklet is not used exclusively for curbside dining, but can also be used for seating areas, art installations, bicycle parking, landscape greenery and so on.)

In this case, the City of San Jose finally allowed for Willow Glen Planning Area’s first installation of a “parklet,” similar to that already featured in downtown San Jose and other U.S. cities (i.e, San Francisco and New York being the leading examples).

By the way, this parklet is also expected to have a bicycle corral installation along its side.  It will be like an extension of the curbside cafe.

If all goes as planned (no surprises), then it’s expected that “Stumpy’s Burgers, Fries & Dogs,” (aka, “Stumpy’s BFD”) will have its furniture and equipment delivered by mid-July 2014, which includes those amenities for al fresco dining, complete with umbrellas.  Joining Stumpy’s will be the already established Top Nosh Cafe, situated next door.

Stumpy’s BFD will be operated by Jim Stump, the same owner as The Table restaurant down at the corner of Willow Street & Lincoln Avenue. (By the way, this is the same local Chef that’s known for Los Gatos Brewing Company.) Like the name says, Stumpy’s will serve-out gourmet hotdogs and hamburgers, complete with a take-out window for authentic “street food” and “curbside dining.”

Last heard from the owners of Top Nosh, they too should be expanding their food offerings, with considerations of an expanded menu and extended hours.

The entire city of San Jose currently only has a few parklets; whereas, Stumpy’s and Top Nosh will more than likely be pioneering the concept, which still seems foreign to many area residents.  On their Facebook Page, Stumpy’s proudly claims that they have one of only five parklets in the entire city.  At that, Jim Stump set-up his operation for easy take-out, including a menu with appropriate “street food” —  that’s become a growing trend in urban America (if not the world).

It’s not street food as “junk food,” but marketed as quality “good eats” and traditional – but simple — fare. Stump has been sampling the new menu from down the street at the Table, while the new shop at the Garden Theater cleans-up and gets ready to roll.  Stump is a busy man right now, as he’s simultaneously expanding The Table restaurant.

As said on Facebook, Stump made a presentation from The Table with things to come from Stumpy’s BFD:

 “A quick preview of what’s to come….one of our signature dogs…The Bui Dog…Brought to you by Stumpy’s Burgers Fries and Dogs. See you soon Willow Glen!” That’s a dog done Vietnamese style.”

By comparison, Top Nosh is now serving breakfast, lunch and dinner on a daily basis, using fine ingredients for simple, wholesome and delicious food. Owner, Yasmin Tyebjee and her son are proud of their specialty, homemade savory pies. Add to that easy-eats like daily soups, fresh seasonal salads, along with their snack-like cookies and bakery goods. Pastries are made from scratch and baked in house. Waffles, French toast and omelets are also now on the menu.

Top Nosh makes coffee and tea for the true aficionado… not watered down, not over brewed… but, just quite right. At that, quite unique, too; including single origin coffees, from Intelligentsia, ground and brewed to order. Espresso is not run like an assembly, but carefully crafted by a barista, with milk steamed to perfection. Baked goods are often heated, before plated on earthenwares. Fine teas from Teance are pair with assortment of finely executed food and dessert.  Everything that goes out has Yasmin’s “top notch” flair.

Add to that, Yasmin runs an exemplary local business, participating in neighborhood affairs and overseeing operations with recycled and environmentally sustainable elements and practices.

Stumpy’s BFD can be found online at http://www.stumpysbfd.com (although the website is not quite developed yet).

Also see “Eat at Stumpy’s” Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/eatatstumpys

Top Nosh can be seen online at http://topnoshsf.com

Also see the Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/topnoshcafe

1167 Lincoln Ave
San Jose, California

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