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Steve Holmes announced his plans back on 13 June 2014 at a Facebook Page for his original project, Friends of Los Gatos Creek:

Guadalupe River here we come! We are in the final stages of permit approval with the Water District to expand our efforts. Over the next 30 days, we will be rolling out a new Facebook page focused on this new direction. Help us get the word out.

That said Facebook Page is now online.   Go to:



Holmes launched the new Page for San Jose’s Guadalupe River as of 6 July 2014, during the Independence Day holiday weekend (the same weekend at which de·Anza Post was launched).

Holmes says “Friends of Guadalupe River is the next step of a larger effort to restore Santa Clara County Creeks. We will showcase existing Groups as well as our efforts to improve this local waterway from the South Bay Foothills to the Bay. The Community can make a Difference!”

Friends of Guadalupe River is a Non-Profit, Volunteer based group focused on the preservation of Guadalupe River through cleanups & habitat restoration.

The original project, Friends of Los Gatos Creek (FOLGC) has been online at Facebook, since April 1, 2013.  To see that Page, go to https://www.facebook.com/FriendsLGCreek

When Friends of Los Gatos Creek (FOLGC) started-up about May 2013 and started building its membership and first projects during the following months of June and July; it began by making partnerships with Willow Glen Neighborhood Association (WGNA) and other stakeholders in the community.

WGNA was a major supporter of FOLGC over that previous year, whereas through Summer 2013 and beyond, the two organizations partnered on many clean-up projects and other initiatives.

Within the end of that fiscal year, both WGNA and FOLGC have moved on to new developments.   Steve Holmes is now leading his loyal volunteers unto new ends for the 2014-2015 year.

Friends of Los Gatos Creek (FOLGC) started with riparian projects, differently from other groups like Save Our Trails of Santa Clara County.  Holmes came to the scene with a different outlook, working as an “action based” riparian zone activist group.   Until that time, practically nobody went down into creeks, into the water and organized clean-up projects.   Most of the focus, up to that point, had been along the public trails, ignoring the lower banks of creeks and the inner water flow.

FOLGC and its partnering stakeholders took to business in the creeks; wherein this was previously not in the public agenda.  Over the previous year, the FOLGC partnership led to tons of waste being removed from the local creek — that’s from the Willow Glen Neighborhood and out towards Campbell and parts of Los Gatos.

As of this July 2014, Holmes is making confluence — both literally and figuratively — on the local creek and river issues.

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